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5 Best Smartphones Under ₹25,000! in 2024

5 Best Smartphones Under ₹25,000

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There are many excellent phones available in the market, within the 25,000 price range. A few years ago, phones in this range used to perform decently, but today, many phones in this range are competing with flagship phones, covering at least 80% of their features. Some of them excel in gaming, while others have outstanding cameras and battery life. We will strive for the 5 best smartphones under ₹25,000 of them in this blog. Let’s get started.

5 Best Smartphones Under ₹25,000

1. Oneplus nord CE3 5G

For those unfamiliar, let me start with ONEPLUS, which began its journey as a flagship killer brand and gradually ventured into producing flagship phones. However, they also started creating mid-range smartphones that offer a well-balanced experience. ONEPLUS excels not only in its product lineup but also in customer service. Their latest offering, one of the 5 best smartphones under ₹25,000, boasts an almost bezel-less design with a punch-hole display featuring a 120Hz AMOLED screen, providing an unparalleled display experience.

Equipped with two nano SIM slots, an IP54 rating, and a 5000mAh battery (common in most phones), this device stands out with its 80W SuperVOOC charger for rapid charging. In terms of photography, it features a 50MP primary, 8MP ultrawide, and 2MP macro camera, delivering decent image capture. Oneplus nord CE3 5G powered by a Snapdragon 782G processor. What sets this phone apart is its clean software interface with no bloatware or unnecessary apps that could cause inconvenience.

One aspect that might not appeal to everyone is its plastic build, as many phones in this range offer glass or metal builds. Nevertheless, considering its price at ₹24,999, coupled with potential bank discounts, it remains a compelling choice. You can explore further for potential discounts.

2. Vivo T2 Pro 5G

The Vivo T2 Pro 5G prioritises build quality, featuring an IP52 rating and a stunning curved display with a 120Hz AMOLED screen that offers a beautiful and slim in-hand feel. The glass body on the back adds a premium touch. Running on FUNTOUCH OS 13, it is equipped with a 4600mAh battery, slightly on the lower side for this range, but compensates with 66W fast charging for quick recharges. However, the downside lies in the presence of bloatware, affecting the overall user experience.

Vivo T2 pro 5G

On the positive side, the camera setup is impressive, boasting a high-quality 64MP OIS anti-shake main camera that excels in low-light photography. The 16MP front camera ensures great selfies. Powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7200 5G processor, it handles gaming smoothly, including games like BGMI at XDR ultra settings. Despite not being specifically designed for gaming, it performs well without any noticeable issues. The phone is competitively priced at ₹24,999, making it a good option for those who appreciate a visually appealing design and excellent camera capabilities. Feel free to check it out!


3. IQOO Neo 7 5G

Our next phone is the IQOO NEO 7 5G, created by the IQOO company originally known for launching gaming phones. Although they started with a focus on gaming phones, they are gradually evolving. Recognizing that gamers often use their phone cameras, IQOO NEO 7 5G is designed with them in mind.

Featuring a 120Hz AMOLED 6.78-inch curved display, this phone promises a fantastic visual experience. It runs on FUNTOUCH OS 14, ensuring 1 year of software updates and 3 years of security updates. While the software experience is excellent, some bloatware may be present. With a 5000mAh battery, it charges 50% in just 10 minutes thanks to the 120W flash charging – a remarkable speed at this price point, particularly appealing to gamers.


Iqoo neo7 5g

Specifically catering to gamers, it comes equipped with a 64MP OIS primary camera that captures impressive photos. The standout feature is the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 5G processor, ensuring an excellent gaming experience. The phone includes a 3D cooling system at the back for extended gaming sessions and a dedicated gaming mode, allowing you to play BGMI at ultra settings seamlessly.

Priced at ₹24,999, this phone offers the best of both worlds with exceptional gaming and camera experiences. It’s definitely worth checking out.

4. Realme 11Pro 5G

If we talk about processors, the Realme 11Pro 5G stands out among the 5 best smartphones under ₹25,000 in this category. This phone competes well with many new models, providing excellent performance. However, it’s bigger sibling, the Realme 12Pro, is also on the horizon, making this phone a visually appealing option in this price range.

Featuring a curved 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED screen, the Realme 11Pro 5G offers a stunning visual experience with HDR support for Netflix, although it lacks an IP rating. It supports dual nano SIM cards and comes with stereo speakers. Running on Realme UI 5.0 based on Android 14, it may have some pre-installed apps, but the good news is it promises 2 years of Android updates.

Equipped with a 5000mAh battery and 67W fast charging, this phone ensures reliable power management. The camera setup includes a remarkable 100MP OIS primary camera and a 2MP Macro lens, although it lacks an ultrawide camera. But the main camera excels in capturing detailed images.

Regarding performance, the phone is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G processor, delivering solid daily usage performance. Realme’s service has also seen improvement, with positive reviews from customers. The best part is its price at ₹21,999, making it a compelling choice in this price range. If you’re looking for a well-balanced phone, this is definitely worth checking out.

5. Redme Note 13 Pro

In the category of the 5 best smartphones under ₹25,000, each phone excels in different aspects—some in gaming, some in camera performance, and some in battery life. However, the Redmi Note 13 Pro outshines almost all of them in various aspects. In this price range, this phone boasts a remarkable 200MP camera, setting a benchmark that even many flagship phones may struggle to surpass.

The Redmi Note 13 Pro features a 6.78-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, ensuring a visually stunning experience. It also comes with Dolby stereo speakers. Running on Android 14 OS with MIUI UI, the phone promises 3 years of OS updates and 4 years of security updates, comparable to flagship phones. The device is equipped with Gorilla Glass Victus for added durability. The 5000mAh battery supports 67W turbo charging, but the presence of bloatware can be a slight inconvenience. However, regular and swift software updates address issues promptly.

One notable drawback is the absence of a dedicated proximity sensor, causing occasional inconveniences when making calls with the screen off. Nevertheless, the phone is powered by the Snapdragon 7s Gen2 5G processor, ensuring excellent gaming performance. Priced at ₹25,999, slightly higher than others in this segment, the Redmi Note 13 Pro offers a great deal considering its impressive specifications and performance.


Overall, among the 5 best smartphones under ₹25,000 category, all phones are expected to perform well in gaming, but the IQOO NEO 7 5G stands out above the rest. Now, when it comes to cameras, the wide-angle camera is crucial, making ONEPLUS Nord CE3 5G and Redmi Note 13 Pro clear winners. Ranked third is Realme 11 Pro 5G, but it lacks an ultrawide camera. Speaking of design, VIVO T2 Pro 5G and Realme 11 Pro 5G are exceptionally attractive. Carrying them in hand or taking them out, everyone is sure to turn heads towards the phones. Considering the price point, it’s interesting to see. So, I’ve tried to convey everything about these 5 best smartphones under ₹25,000 category, and hopefully, you’ve figured out which phone is best for you. Don’t forget to follow us, and see you in the next blog. Thank you, and have a great day.

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